Ideal Company Offsites For Remote and Hybrid Teams

We organize hassle-free offsites and workations for startups, scaleups, and enterprise remote or hybrid teams. Our offsites boost employee productivity, retention, and well-being and foster stronger teams.

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When was the last time your remote team got together in person?

Most remote teams can't remember the last meaningful time they were together offline. Thus, they collaborate less effectively. They don't get to know their colleagues in person and learn about each other's hobbies and interests.

Hybrid teams are in a similar situation. They feel disconnected from each other, which affects their productivity and team alignment.

As a founder, team lead, or HR professional, you know it too well.

Imagine your team getting
together in a vibrant place
for a few days.

We take care of every offsite with professional attention to the team's individual needs, from creating the perfect working and resting environment to planning growth-fostering social and networking activities.

You pick an ideal destination; we plan everything for you.

When we are together, we work, learn about each other, have fun exploring, and reconnect with our teammates. That's how offsites strengthen teams in every sense.

Best destinations with excellent facilities

We find the perfect accommodation for your offsite at your desired destination. Every spot is equipped with coworking spaces, all-you-need stuff for work, dining rooms, patios, and spacious bedrooms.

Unforgettable leisure and social activities

Every offsite has a unique schedule and is filled with various social and adventurous experiences. From networking, workshops, team buildings or end of sprints, to hiking, surfing, snorkeling and yoga sessions to create better professional and interpersonal connections.

Fully hassle-free, 100% budgeted and planned offsite

We organize and budget every detail of the offsite for you and your team. The only thing that you need to do, is to choose the desired destination and bring your passport to the airport!

"Our recent team meetup, organized by Flockin, was incredible. Having the opportunity to meet 35 of our international team members from 7 different countries for the first time in person truly enriched the experience. Flockin’s efficient planning made this memorable event possible. We're grateful for the amazing service and the opportunity to connect with our team on a whole new level."


Get in touch with our team to plan your perfect company offsite

Plan an offsite
Get in touch with our team to plan your perfect company offsite
Plan an offsite